Intelligent Transportation Systems
  Updated 8:00 AM EST, February 27, 2009
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ITS Icon Library

The ITS Icons are sorted by ITS taxonomy element. Each icon group is packaged as a compressed Zip file, which can be uncompressed natively in Microsoft Windows XP, or using the WinZip utility. Each group has a corresponding preview of all the icons in pdf format.

Each icon group contains icons in JPEG and EPS formats.

Icon Preview of All Groups (PDF, 287k)

Arterial Management Systems Icon Arterial Management Systems EPS, 424k JPEG, 62k PDF, 25k
Collision Notification Systems Icon Collision Notification Systems EPS, 220k JPEG, 33k PDF, 16k
Collision Avoidance Systems Icon Collision Avoidance Systems EPS, 410k JPEG, 68k PDF, 26k
Commercial Vehicle Operations Icon Commercial Vehicle Operations EPS, 385k JPEG, 67k PDF, 45k
Crash Prevention and Safety Icon Crash Prevention and Safety EPS, 505k JPEG, 123k PDF, 27k
Driver Assistance Systems Icon Driver Assistance Systems EPS, 483k JPEG, 119k PDF,39k
Electronic Payment Systems Icon Electronic Payment and Pricing EPS, 321k JPEG, 106k PDF, 22k
Emergency Management Systems Icon Emergency Management Systems EPS, 301k JPEG, 53k PDF, 21k
Freeway Management Systems Icon Freeway Management Systems EPS, 590k JPEG, 80k PDF, 29k
Incident Management Systems Icon Incident Management Systems EPS, 368k JPEG, 63k PDF, 21k
Information Management Icon Information Management EPS, 151k JPEG, 14k PDF, 14k
Intermodal Freight Icon Intermodal Freight EPS, 466k JPEG, 75k PDF, 30k
Roadway Operations and Maintenance Icon Roadway Operations and Maintenance EPS, 291k JPEG, 45k PDF, 18k
Road Weather Management Icon Road Weather Management EPS, 363k JPEG, 60k PDF, 20k
Transit Management Systems Icon Transit Management Systems EPS, 370k JPEG, 57k PDF, 24k
Traveler Information Icon Traveler Information EPS, 68k JPEG, 5k PDF, 36k
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