Intelligent Transportation Systems
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How do I use the Website?

Users can select any of the icons on the website to access any of the 16 major application areas. This will take the user to a screen with the major application area and two levels of sub-areas, all of which can be selected to access information. Selecting an application area that is not a 'terminator' (i.e. with sub-areas) will provide a rolled-up version of all the data from the sub-areas. The website provides additional utilities to access data, located on the left hand side of the home page:
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Keyword Search. Users can search the for application areas by entering a search term. The default search method, match any word, returns all application areas that include the term. Alternate search methods are offered to users in addition to the default. The search results allow the user to search other ITS knowledge resource websites for information on the same term, covering ITS benefits, costs, deployment statistics, lessons learned, and the ITS Joint Program Office website. Please note: you may need to scroll down to see this feature!

Subject Index. This utility is an alternate method of accessing individual application areas and provides users access to a listing of the application areas in alphabetical order.

ITS in my State. Users are provided a map from which they can select a state. The utility returns a set of links to all the data available from that state on benefits, cost, deployment statistics, and lessons learned.

ITS Integration. Users are provided a definition of ITS integration between major application areas and can see what links have been defined for each major application area by selecting the appropriate icon. A definition for each of the existing links involving the major application area can be accessed by selecting the link. Where available, deployment information is provided showing where this link has been deployed.

ITS Icon Library. Copies of the icons used in the website are available for download in three formats: EPS, JPEG, and PDF.

Jump to a Topic. This new utility provides a new search capability. Users select a topic from a list and the utility returns a list of all application areas associated with the topic. This is particularly useful where the relation of application areas to a topic is not intuitively apparent and it is likely users will miss all applicable applications using conventional search methods.
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